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Math Club Uppsala is a collaboration between Uppsala municipality and the Department of Mathematics (UU) It is an activity for children who are good at math, but want to explore more difficult math than the subject at school. The math that is discussed at the meetings lies usually outside the school program and the focus is on developing problem-solving and reasoning skills.

Please note that your child can only go to the Math Club if you go to a school in Uppsala municipality (regardless of whether it is a municipal or an independent school).

Uppsala kommun


Note that if you have attended the Math Club last semester but did not receive the registration link at the end of July 2020, contact Valentina as soon as possible.

Math Club starts again week 37 with the following restrictions:

– We ask all children with symptoms of the common cold to stay at home.

– Be sure to remind (especially younger) children to wash their hands after arrival to Ångström.
The leaders and assistants will ensure that the children also wash their hands before fika.

– The children should not sit directly next to each other under the Math Club (it is possible to sit opposing each other). 

– We ask parents to stay outside the classroom and not sit near other parents during lesson time.

Starting at Math Club in Uppsala

A student can start at the club if he/she is currently in grade 2-9 in an elementary school in Uppsala municipality. You can also stand apply in advance if the student goes to grade 1 in primary school, then the student will probably be able tostart at the Math Club when he/she begins grade 2.

The following steps are necessary to join the club:

1. The student fills in the diagnosis and tells the parent when they are done.
2. The parent fills in the application form immediately after.
3. You will be contacted when there is a place in your year group (it can take up to six months) and then you choose an available group.

Diagnosis grades 2-3
Diagnosis grades 4-5
Diagnosis grades 6-9

Application form grades 2-9 (in Swedish)

Be sure to sign up (step 2 above) to get your place in the queue. Most new participants are invited at the beginning of January/August before each new semester, but invitations in the middle of the semester can also take place.

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